The Power of commUNITY Drumming:

 An Evolution of Drumming Circles


Clear Description:


Every culture has the story of the drum.  With it’s own values, and rich history and music. 


The Essence of the Drum is Universal.

The drum is a gift,  musical instrument, and also a powerful tool for the cultivation of  collective human potential. 


There is a growing movement using Drumming as a cross-cultural form of communication, and soul expression.  With a focus on inclusion, creativity and self expression, and collective upliftment.    This is sometimes called commUNITY drumming.

This movement borrows from the drums cultures, but transcends into something, a culture that is uniquely it’s own.


These kinds of drumming circles are used all over the world, to invite people to participate in something, that speaks beyond language, race, and differences.  Yet allows for people to express themselves and their uniqueness while contributing to a collective in the moment heartsong.

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