Marcus Fung

A student of life.

He channels his passion, creativity and learnings  into his work and play.

A professional facilitator,

educator, and emissary of the Inclusiveexpressive arts.  

Championing the virtues

 of harmony, inclusitivity and co-operation.

Self-empowerment, through 

natural learning,


compassion, deep listening, infinite potential, focus and playfulness. 



Marcus Fung and Lucas Coffey take their wisdom, friendship and passion, and  

together create something amazing.

Their  sincerity for laughter, community, inclusivity and empowerment becomes a dynamic 

heartfelt expression set it into motion.

They are blessed to work and play with a contrasting diversity of groups all around the city-- learning, sharing and innovating.



2000 to 2009 10 Day Vipasanna Meditation Courses

2003 GMCC Graduate - Music General Studies

2004 GMCC Graduate - Diploma Music Composition

2005 GMCC Graduate - Diploma Jazz Performance - Piano

2004 EICCP Games Training

2007 Music Together 3 day Teacher Training

2008 Drumocracy / Community Drum Facilitator / Creators of a Culture of Peace

2008 NLP for Parents & Teachers

2009 Vocal Improv Circle / Facilitation Workshop

2009 Music Together / Teacher Training Refresher

2009 Intro to Non Violent Communication

2009 Stage Left - Applied Arts/Theatre of the Oppressed 5 day Training

2010 Rapid Fire Theatre Improv Level I

2010 Coaching Conversations that Work 

2010 New Leadership Program

2011 Certified* Laughter Yoga Leader Training

2011 Feedback! Forum Theatre 5 Day Training

2011 Dance 431 (U of A) Creative Movement for Kids

2012 Turning the Wheel - Intergenerational Dance Facilitator 
         (5 Day Training ~ Colorado)
2012 Integrative Breathwork Training (4 day)

2013 Turning the Wheel Level 2 - (5 Day Training ~ Portland)

2013 Sacred Sounds Intensive /w Vickie Dodd
         (5 day Training - Washington)

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